We are pleased to share the testimonials of our satisfied customers.

Joanne E.

“They made the place sparkle! Very professional and respectful, the team came on time with their own industrial cleaning machinery and green friendly products.”

Sarah R.

“Reliable, professional, consistent quality… a rare find in a cleaning company.”

Shelley D.

“Came through for us in an absolute pinch and stayed late to get the work done.”

Diane C.

“The carpet came out beautifully. I would hire the Green Janitor again in a second. Very professional. Thank you.”

Leslie M.

I was delighted by the expertise & attention to detail. I had both carpets & high quality antique rugs cleaned & both were done beautifully. I also really appreciated the non-toxic, natural products that were used. Tom was great!

Grant A.

A highly professional and friendly staff provided by the green janitor, is Paramount to their business model, thank you for your services, I would highly recommend them to every business out there.

Floyd H.

I go on line and find a company called The Green Janitor. I call and immediately speak to the guy who does the work and send him a few photos. Brilliant service, good people. A shining example of how to run a business.

A day later, Tom sends me a picture, it looks good! We chat on the phone and he goes through his process, he threw the works at it: steamers, unctions, potions, liquids of mystery, perhaps even some words of a magic spell.

Jared brings it over the next day. It’s as good as brand new.
The price shocked me in so much as it was fare. More than fare with the pick up and delivery included.

– Easy to contact
– Organized and turn up when they said they would
– They Over Deliver
– Charge fairly
– No fuss, hassle, hidden costs
– Quick

I couldn’t be happier!

Hillary K.

The company took Persian rugs in need of deep cleaning away from site and returned promptly and ready to move out of state. Very kind, courteous, and attentive!

I couldn’t be happier!

Jeanine D.

I had rented my house for over a year and knew that it would need a deep cleaning when the renters left as they had pets. Jared and his team were very quick in getting me an appointment and arrived when they said they would. He went over the entire job with me and did more than he said and the place sparkled!!! I have a black granite floor in one of my bathrooms and it has some kind of spray/wax/polish type cleaner on it, it was just a mess, they got it back down to the beautiful finish that was on it when I left the house!! I cannot tell you what a terrific job they did in cleaning every room (over 3000sqft) top to bottom! They can even clean duct work and that was really a God send as I have terrible allergies. I would recommend them to everyone looking to have commercial or residential cleaning done. Call today to set up your appointment.

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