Air Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

We clean everything that heats, cools, and distributes air throughout your home. We clean all supply vents, return vents, ductwork and all indoor equipment including the fan and fan compartment. Our source removal cleaning methods utilize high velocity vacuums which draw the dirt and debris out, while the interior of the duct is cleaned with high pressure air lines, specialized nozzles, tools, whip systems and brushes. All technicians are trained to follow national standard procedures. 

Dryer Vent Cleaning 

Our technicians use a high-velocity, reverse-blowing spinning skipper ball at the end of a flexible 40-foot air snake. Once engaged, the reverse air-pressure blasts the lint back toward the vent opening as the technician feeds the air snake through the ducting system until it reaches the back of the dryer unit. At this time, we slowly pull it out, again blasting out lint as it is extracted. This process is repeated up to 15-20 times until the system is cleared of all lint, and an air wand is then used to clean out the exhaust hood. Finally, the technician ensures that the exhaust damper is working correctly.


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