Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

The carpet/ upholstery cleaning division of The Green Janitor is quite unique as pertains to industry standards in that we feature 100% NonToxic Solutions in the cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing of carpets, rugs, and fabrics, be they synthetic or more delicate natural fibers.

We achieve outstanding results in the above mentioned with solutions that come with No Warning Labels attached! With decades of field testing, we have whittled down to a sharp point a few solutions that actually outperform the common toxic products commonly used by the majority of fabric cleaners the world over.

Our industrial strength cleaning plant on wheels is entirely self contained, powered by the van engine. We bring our own fresh water and take the dirty water away to be disposed of at a sanctioned sewer sight. We have no need to use your electricity and and there is no exhausting of nasty air from a refuse tank contaminating the indoor air on the job sight.

Our main cleaning solution is entirely new to the industry. It is a non soap, non detergent product that leaves the fibers soft and fluffy with zero residue, insuring that the textiles cleaned stay clean!

This molecular/ ionic cleaner is a next generation breakthrough in cleaning technology that performs at a very high level to remove the most trying soils from greasy restaurant carpets, wall to wall residential, and commercial textiles, to oriental hand knotted wool rugs, tile and grout, and all the way to fine upholstered fabrics such as silk, natural velvets, chenille, etc.

With the combination of our powerful Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) vehicle and our top of the line and latest in design “wands”, (we have spared no expense) we will have your textiles dry and ready to use in minutes rather than hours or even days. These new and latest systems we are currently utilizing are constantly surprising even ourselves!

In the business of clean, there is poor, better, acceptable, and then best.

For all the points stated above, we at The Green Janitor are persuaded that we are truly the best option in five counties and counting.

If you are part of the growing group of consumers that are environmentally concerned or  chemically sensitive, The Green Janitor is THE ANSWER. No suds, no scents… makes sense!



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