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Shokan Flood Remediation – Before & After

Check out these before and after pictures from a Shokan flood cleaning job. This bathroom was flooded with four feet of Esopus Creek water and debris. See before (above) and after (below): read more →

See Our Rotovac Powerwand in Action

Watch our Rotovac Powerwand make easy work out of this ground-in dirt and grime at a recent Kingston carpet cleaning job. Our machine has saved apartment owners thousands in new carpeting. read more →

Blog: 10 Tips to Green Your Office

By now, most Hudson Valley offices have gone green to save the environment as much as their bottom lines. The environmentally friendly choice is often the cost-conscious choice too. Here are ten simple ways your business can “green” your office: 1. Turn off equipment when it’s not being used. Turning off computers at the end.. read more →