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Cleaning Furnace Puff Back/Blowback & Soot

During the cold months when furnaces get turned on, one danger is the furnace puff back or blow back. This malfunction occurs when an explosion inside the burner chamber of the boiler or furnace causes built-up hydrocarbons to exit from vents, creating a sooty mess.

Oil-fired heating units are most prone to puffb acks, and proper maintenance of your oil burner is the only way to prevent these unfortunate mishaps. Once a puff back has happened, you’ll often notice soot lining the areas in direct venting distance of your air vents. You may notice a soot blowout near the furnace itself. In any case, it will be hard not to notice your furnace has experienced a puff back, and even harder to clean it yourself.

The Green Janitor has experience cleaning up entire house fires. Not to minimize the damage you’ve experienced in a blow back, but to us, this is a piece of cake compared to a full-on house fire.

Still, as you will find if you try to clean it yourself, blow backs can be tricky to clean up. We use eco-friendly cleaning materials to get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving no trace of soot or nasty odor. We’re not furnace repair people, though we’re happy to look at the situation and recommend someone who can help.

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